Ramadan – The Month of Guidance

By Bedejim Abdullah | Imam, Philippine Military Academy | The Peace Wall

HERE comes Ramadan again and I see a flicker of hope each time we sight the Crescent which signals the start of Fasting. It might be coincidence but the recent developments on the peace process are welcome news. The skies might be dark, but soon the clouds are going to move on.

Everyone must realize that our personal and social problems are just beyond the grasp of one individual. We should understand that these problems are the after-effects of our actions. And failure is the ultimate end of all our efforts even though how well-meaning we might be in our intentions.

Therefore, we must seek Help from The One Above, Who created and sustains us all. Divine Intervention is what people need in their lives. In fact, that’s what Our Creator has been extending since day one of our existence. It takes only our cognizance of the role of GOD in our lives and putting our reliance upon HIM in our worldly affairs. If these two attitudes are present in us, this will effect Right Action.

The Almighty One God has said; “The month of Ramadan, in which was revealed the Qur’an, a Guidance to mankind and a self-evident proof of that Guidance, and the Standard for distinguishing between Right and Wrong. Whosoever of you witnesses the month, should fast it…”Al-Qur’an 2:185

If we must change ourselves, then it should be in this Month. Personal change must happen before we could expect transformation in our society. And if we want a failsafe solution, then we should turn our faces to The One Above. 

Fasting strengthens the Will of the individual by enabling them mastery of their biological functions and prepares them to face the accompanying hardships. The sociological benefits also have to be recognized in that; all strata of the society, even the prosperous, shall FEEL the hunger and thirst. The collective feeling of deprivation can actually have an equalizing and egalitarian effect on a people, and they “feel as one.” With a common belief, they will move as one body. Then, they will be able to transcend and achieve many things for the common good. Not to mention the many other physiological (medical) and spiritual effects of Fasting.

It is in this Blessed Month that Muslims (Believers in The One True God) experience turning points in their lives. In the early history of Islam, events in Ramadan have turned the tide for Muslims despite great odds. It was in Ramadan that the Muslims achieved great s

trides and survived as a people.

Isn’t it providential that God’s Guidance will descend upon a Man in the desert? At a time when the Persian and Roman empires are at their zenith, God Almighty sprung unity and strength from nomadic warring tribes in the arid wilderness. And with the new-found Faith, supplanted the aforementioned ancient civilizations.

Especially in this month, we can gain Piety and Unity. These are the traits we need to possess in order to bring about change in our citizenry and the nation as a whole. Ramadan is indeed an opportune moment to put things in order and set things right in our lives. Everything has it’s Time and Place under the sun; the time is Ramadan, and the place is the Heart.

Muslims must abstain from food, drink & sexual relations during daytime of this month. Moreover, to avoid evil action and speech was specified by the Messenger of God. Otherwise, nothing has been achieved but hunger and thirst. Prayers, giving charity, reading the Qur’an, mosque retreats and Iftar (breaking of Fast) are intensified during this season.

Therefore, it should be in this time that any “moves” for Peace can be made. For Islam was born in a month like this. And Islam literally means “Peace” and figuratively means “submission to the Will of God”. These two definitions are closely interconnected, for one explains the other. Meaning; Peace can only be achieved if we submit to the Will of God.

Peace descended upon us when Allah, The Most High revealed HIS Message in this month. A WISE LEADER SHALL SEE THIS; it is also in this moment that we shall find it again. As if a premonition of things to come, we greet one another the blessings of the season, Peace from Above… we say; Ramadan Mubarak!


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